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Let's talk about it podcast: your hymen and your virginity


This podcast will tell you everything you need to know about virginity and hymens. Gabriel will reveal very important information about losing your virginity.

Please note: The content you are about to hear includes subjects that may feel sensitive for some people. This includes topics related violence and women and girls’ bodies and health. You may feel more comfortable listening to this content in place where you have privacy and feel safe – this will be different for every person. If you ever feel upset or need someone to talk to, please reach out to services around you. Visit the “Find Services” page to find available services around you

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00:00:35 My name is Gabrielle and I'm here to talk with you about your virginity.
00:00:40 A virgin is a person who has never engaged in sexual intercourse.
00:00:45 It's a popular myth that the hymen is the marker of virginity,
00:00:49 and the idea of virginity has often been linked to breaking the hymen.
00:00:54 The belief that there is a mysterious, transparent barrier in the vagina
00:00:58 that only virgins have is ridiculous at best and not scientifically accurate.
00:01:03 Bleeding after sex has been incorrectly claimed to be proof of an unbroken hymen
00:01:08 and thus proof that a woman has not had sex before.
00:01:12 However, you should know that your hymen can break in a variety of ways
00:01:16 outside from having sex, and some women are born without one.
00:01:21 In this episode I will answer five main questions
00:01:24 about the hymen and virginity that you need to know.
00:01:27 So let's start with the first question.
00:01:29 What is your hymen?
00:01:31 Your hymen is a thin fold of membrane around the vaginal opening,
00:01:35 kind of like a piece of plastic wrap about 1 to 2 centimeters
00:01:39 inside your vaginal opening.
00:01:41 Chances are that even if your hymen is intact, you won't be able to see it.
00:01:46 It's thin and fleshy, colored in a place where you have flaps and
00:01:50 The hymen is just a part of the vaginal canal,
00:01:53 that really doesn't serve a purpose.
00:01:55 We do not entirely know what causes the tearing of the hymen,
00:01:59 but it's totally normal
00:02:00 and happens to everyone.
00:02:03 Question number two: How can the hymen break?
00:02:06 We know now that some people are born without hymens and some people's
00:02:10 hymens can be broken from doing ordinary things like gymnastics or using a tampon.
00:02:15 What is important is not
00:02:17 whether someone hymen is broken or they have engaged in sexual behaviors,
00:02:21 but that they choose to have sex when it is healthy and right for them.
00:02:26 Now, what does it feel like when your hymen breaks
00:02:30 You can break your hymen by moving around without even knowing it.
00:02:33 Some women notice some light bleeding.
00:02:36 Some women don't blead at all.
00:02:38 It's different for everyone.
00:02:39 Once your hymen has been broken, it doesn't grow back.
00:02:43 If my hymen is broken, does it mean my virginity is broken too?
00:02:48 Virginity is not something that breaks.
00:02:50 Being a virgin has nothing to do with your hymen.
00:02:54 It means that you haven't had consensual penetrative sex.
00:02:58 Sharing your body with another person for the first time or losing
00:03:01 your virginity should be your choice and happen only with your consent.
00:03:06 If I have been raped, have I lost my virginity?
00:03:09 Rape is a crime and never your fault.
00:03:12 Sharing your body with another person for the first time or losing
00:03:15 your virginity is based on consensual penetrative sex.
00:03:20 Rape is not consensual.
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