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Let's Talk About It Podcast: Sexual Consent


In this podcast, we talk about sexual consent, meaning how old a person needs to be in order to consent to sex. These laws vary from country to country and region to region. 

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00:00:35 My name is Maria, and I'm here to talk to you
00:00:37 about sexual consent and what it means for your relationship or situation.
00:00:42 What does sexual consent mean for girls?
00:00:46 You should know that there are laws about the age of sexual consent,
00:00:50 meaning how old a person needs to be in order to consent to sex.
00:00:54 These laws vary from country to country and region to region.
00:00:58 Such laws exist to protect minors, people younger than 18 years old
00:01:03 from someone older, adults pressuring or forcing them to do sexual acts.
00:01:09 Even if a girl gives permission for sexually activity with an adult
00:01:13 and realizes she was not okay with it, this never implies consent.
00:01:18 A girl is never accountable.
00:01:20 A girl's permission never excuses the adult
00:01:22 or teen from taking full responsibility for the interaction.
00:01:27 It is always the
00:01:28 adult’s responsibility to set boundaries with children and adolescents.
00:01:33 What if girls are married? When a girl is below the age of consent,
00:01:38 Sex is not consensual and should be considered rape.
00:01:41 But in many countries there are laws that make it legal for an adult to have
00:01:46 sex and sexual contact with the child who is below the age of consent.
00:01:50 if they are married to that child at the time,
00:01:53 but girls who are married
00:01:54 still have the right to say no to sexual activity for any reason,
00:01:59 including not feeling comfortable, not being ready,
00:02:02 or not wanting to get pregnant.
00:02:04 Remember, you have the right to say no to any kind of sex,
00:02:09 even if you agreed first to have sex, but then changed your mind.
00:02:14 Sexual consent means saying yes.
00:02:17 Any sexual activity without consent is sexual assault
00:02:21 and is against the law.
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