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Let's talk about it Podcast: Puberty


This podcast will help you navigate this tricky period that the puberty can be with awesome tips!

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00:00:46 My name is Gabrielle
00:00:48 and I’m here to talk to you
00:00:50 about three tips today
00:00:52 to help you rock puberty!
00:00:54 Tip Number 1:
00:00:56 Don’t be embarrassed
00:00:57 about anything that is happening to you.
00:01:00 Going through puberty
00:01:01 means that you’re becoming a woman
00:01:03 and your body is operating normally.
00:01:05 Remember:
00:01:07 puberty happens to everyone!
00:01:09 Tip Number 2:
00:01:11 Find someone who you trust to talk to.
00:01:15 It might be your mum,
00:01:17 your sister,
00:01:18 your cousin, your grandma,
00:01:20 your aunt, or your best friend’s mum.
00:01:24 It’s perfectly normal to have questions
00:01:27 about when puberty will start,
00:01:29 what will happen,
00:01:30 and why it might not be happening yet.
00:01:33 Remember,
00:01:34 there’s no such thing as a silly question!
00:01:37 Tip Number 3:
00:01:39 Change can be hard,
00:01:41 and you might not love
00:01:42 everything about puberty,
00:01:44 but remember:
00:01:45 your body is working with you
00:01:47 to help you grow i nto a woman.
00:01:50 That is something to be celebrated!
00:01:59 If you have more questions
00:02:01 or would like to talk to someone
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