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Let's talk about it Podcast: Important tips on hygiene during your period


This podcast is about the beauty of our bodies and particularly about one of the most natural processes that women and girls experience — menstruation or your period.
We will address some common myths and questions on menstrual hygiene.

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00:00:35 My name is Maria, and I’m here to talk with you about the beauty of our bodies
00:00:40 and particularly about one of the most natural processes
00:00:43 that women and girls experience—menstruation or your period.
00:00:48 Menstruation is a natural, and essential, part of the reproductive cycle.
00:00:53 But often, there are myths or taboos about it -
00:00:56 and particularly women and girls’ hygiene.
00:00:59 So, today, let’s talk about some common myths and questions
00:01:02 on menstrual hygiene.
00:01:06 Number one.
00:01:07 Women and girls are ‘dirty’ when they have their periods. No!
00:01:12 Menstruation is a natural phenomenon that occurs every month.
00:01:16 Women and girls should take care to wash regularly and use clean sanitary materials
00:01:21 during their periods for health purposes and to feel comfortable.
00:01:25 Number two.
00:01:27 When I get my period I will smell bad.
00:01:30 Vaginas should smell like vaginas.
00:01:33 Your smell might change slightly during your period.
00:01:36 This is totally normal.
00:01:38 It’s a mild metal smell and no-one can smell it coming out of your clothes.
00:01:43 You do not need to ever use soap to wash your vulva -
00:01:47 your body self-regulates and the vulva automatically cleans itself!
00:01:52 Soap can cause irritations and infections.
00:01:56 Rinse with water only.
00:01:59 Remember - always rinse and wipe from front to back.
00:02:03 It is not a good idea to use feminine hygiene products such as scented
00:02:06 wipes, vaginal deodorants or scrubs as these can lead to infections.
00:02:12 Number three.
00:02:14 Girls need to hide getting their period because it is embarrassing.
00:02:19 The first period can be met with either
00:02:21 celebration, fear or concern.
00:02:24 For every girl, this signifies an important transition
00:02:28 to her body changing as she goes through puberty and adolescence.
00:02:33 This is a time when all girls would benefit from the support of family
00:02:36 and friends.
00:02:38 Number four.
00:02:39 Menstrual pads are expensive.
00:02:42 Many women and
00:02:43 girls do not have access to materials to manage their menstruation,
00:02:47 especially in times of emergency – natural disasters and conflicts.
00:02:52 Disposable pads and tampons can be expensive
00:02:56 but reusable pads can be a more economical choice.
00:03:00 Number five Getting my period
00:03:02 means I am a woman.
00:03:06 In many cultures across the globe,
00:03:08 getting your period is equated or talked about
00:03:11 as a transition into womanhood.
00:03:14 While starting to menstruate does mean that a girl is now able to become
00:03:17 pregnant, many girls get their period when they are between 10-14.
00:03:23 There are many other factors that help girls transition into becoming a woman:
00:03:27 education, emotional maturity,
00:03:30 and your body’s physical development.
00:03:33 Even though a girl may have her period,
00:03:36 it does not mean that she is an adult and she should still enjoy being a girl!
00:03:41 Number six.
00:03:43 Periods hurt.
00:03:45 While many women do experience stomach cramps during their period,
00:03:49 the pain is usually mild and passes after 1-2 days.
00:03:54 If it creates discomfort you can take mild pain medication,
00:03:57 use a warm heating pad or a hot water bottle..
00:04:01 Extreme discomfort or high pain may be an indication that something is wrong
00:04:06 and you should seek a doctor to get advice.
00:04:10 Number seven.
00:04:11 My friend only gets her period once in a while, she is so lucky.
00:04:17 Regular menstrual cycles - and periods
00:04:19 - are one way of your body indicating that it is healthy.
00:04:23 Sometimes, a woman or girl may miss a period because of stress,
00:04:28 nutrition, or health issues - or it could be a sign that they are pregnant.
00:04:33 Girls often have periods that are not regular when they first start having them.
00:04:38 So if you or a girl you know is not getting their periods regularly,
00:04:43 you can talk to a trusted person or a health
00:04:45 professional like your doctor or nurse.
00:04:53 If you have more
00:04:54 questions or would like to talk to someone—you can find contact details
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