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Let's Talk About It Podcast: Is My Relationship Healthy?


Relationships can be positive and bring something wonderful into our lives; but relationships can also be unhealthy or negative and may not be good for us, even if we don’t always recognize that at the time. This podcast will help you consider relationships you have and reflect on which ones are healthy and which ones are unhealthy or even abusive.

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00:00:47 My name is Gabrielle
00:00:48 and I’m here to talk with you
00:00:50 about relationships.
00:00:52 We all have different relationships
00:00:54 with different people in our lives
00:00:57 - our friends, our family,
00:01:00 partners (e.g. husband, boyfriend or girlfriend),
00:01:04 people we know from work or school,
00:01:06 or members of our communities.
00:01:09 Relationships can be positive
00:01:11 and bring something wonderful into our lives;
00:01:14 but relationships can also be unhealthy or negative
00:01:19 and may not be good for us,
00:01:21 even if we don’t always recognize that at the time.
00:01:25 This podcast will help you
00:01:27 consider relationships you have
00:01:29 and reflect on which ones are healthy
00:01:33 and which ones are unhealthy
00:01:36 or even abusive.
00:01:38 Healthy relationships involve honesty,
00:01:41 trust, respect
00:01:43 and open communication between those involved
00:01:47 and they take effort and compromise from both people.
00:01:52 Partners respect each other’s independence,
00:01:56 can make their own decisions without
00:01:58 fear of retribution or retaliation,
00:02:01 and share decisions.
00:02:04 Healthy relationships
00:02:06 bring out the best in you
00:02:07 and make you feel good about yourself.
00:02:11 Though, remember that a healthy relationship
00:02:14 does not mean a “perfect” relationship,
00:02:17 and no one is healthy 100% of the time.
00:02:23 There isn’t a clear line when a relationship
00:02:26 becomes unhealthy or abusive.
00:02:31 It might be hard to figure out
00:02:32 what kind of relationship you’re in.
00:02:36 Remember that abuse is all about
00:02:38 power and control.
00:02:41 An unhealthy relationship
00:02:43 might involve a power imbalance,
00:02:46 being mean, ignoring boundaries
00:02:49 or pressuring one person to do things
00:02:52 they aren’t comfortable with.
00:02:54 In an abusive relationship,
00:02:56 one partner has almost
00:02:58 complete control of the other.
00:03:02 For example, if someone in your life
00:03:05 regularly makes you feel bad about yourself,
00:03:08 this is not a healthy relationship.
00:03:12 You can categorize all your relationships
00:03:14 with family, friends and intimate partners
00:03:18 as healthy, unhealthy or even abusive.
00:03:23 So where is the line between
00:03:24 healthy and unhealthy relationships?
00:03:28 And what points to the wrong
00:03:29 and unhealthy attitude?
00:03:32 Keep in mind that no matter what,
00:03:35 you deserve a relationship
00:03:37 based on kindness and respect.
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